Abba Geebz and #HealingDinosaurs

The wonderful Dana Land introduced me to entertainer that had a completely different approach do making them smile.  Abba Geebz (Gibi del Barrio) is a ventriloquist and his puppet friends are dinosaurs!

Currently Abba Geebz is also a tour guide at world famous Kualoa Ranch as well as a working musical composer and now a kids entertainment specialist strictly doing hospital/recovery and hospice visits with Make’em Smile.

Not only is his “thing” engaging interaction with visual props (his puppets) but he also infuses music therapy via the same high energy that he brings with his visits; he uses Kazoos too.

“If you would have told me that I would be a ventriloquist energized by the power of bringing smiles to kids in challenging situations I would have had to check your drink” says Abba Geebz.  He continues “This is without a doubt the most amazing and rewarding experience I have EVER had and I’m blessed that Dana Land introduced me to Seymour”.

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