Message from Wayne Harada

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful article in Sunday’s paper on MAKE ‘EM SMILE!!  I have had over 100 emails and texts in just 1 day congratulating us on our program.  If there is ever a feel good story, this is it… Every child, every parent sitting next to his child in the hospital room, every nurse and Doctor start to smile when the music begins.  I can’t tell you, how many times, tears roll down our cheeks when we see these kids begin to smile, then their hands and feet start moving to the music, then you see their  face relax as they stops thinking about the pain and begin the wonderful healing that music brings…we bring each child a stuffed animal, a MAKE ‘EM SMILE!! pin, a MAKE ‘EM SMILE!! wristband, each adult patient gets a lei…all of this is donated by our friends.

We want to expand this program to every hospital in Hawaii.  It is a totally volunteer program.  We have never solicited any money as we all believe in “giving back” for the blessings we have.  We not only have some of the top musicians in Hawaii but we are a wonderful venue for new musicians who want to get their career started by playing for our kids.

Our only request is to have enough musicians who can come to the hospitals once a month for 2 hours.  It’s the best 2 hours they will ever spend…

Our website is and if there is a possibility you can help us with an article on MAKE ‘EM SMILE!!, I know more musicians will join our family.

Thanks again Wayne

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