Make ’em Smile on KHON 2

New music program at Kapiolani hospital helping patients heal

Studies show music can heal naturally.

“If a musician is singing something or playing music that is calming, it can help their physical body heal faster and help with pain management, help with relaxation and that’s beneficial for their heart rate,” Lead Childlife specialist Ashley Wolfe said.

Make ‘Em Smile is a brand new organization aimed at bringing local musicians into hospitals offering live music, entertainment and a smile to patients.

Wednesday was the launch of the program at Kapiolani Medical Center where a handful of children and some parents got a chance to meet and greet award-winning musician Mailani Makainai and legendary entertainer Jimmy Borges.

“Our patients and families are so excited to have our local musicians come, they are our local super stars and celebrities here and so we are really excited to see them,” Wolfe said.

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